Hair Extensions & Clip Ins

Hair Extensions installed verses Clip In’s




Hair Extensions – Installed

Hair Extensions & Clip Ins

Hair by Olga.

We all want longer thicker hair. Everyone in the media has it. Now you need to find out how they can work for you!!!!

I myself love to wear hair extensions which are installed into my own natural hair.


My hair is fine even if I grow it, it still looks thin on the ends no matter what I do. Styling, cutting it still looks fine and limp. I was not blessed with good hair.

Another reason I like to install is I want it to feel like my own. Our hair becomes part of my hair only it makes my hair look good. It’s natural to feel and touch. My personal preference is our Best 100% Russian Hair texture matched to my own. The wefts are hand made and tailored for my requirements.

Short to long hair extension and a V top versatile.
Short to long hair extension and a V top versatile.

All our wefts are hand made by me in our salon. Our Russian Hair is genuine 100%. When I talk about handmade wefts custom it means they are designed to be a compatible match with your hair density, how wide you need them to be, filling the areas of hair you need, volumising, and add natural looking length.

  • The corners of each weft to sit comfortably and snug
  • The amount of hair and the perfect colour and texture.
  • They will blend seamlessly with soft movement and yes you can go swimming.
  • Yes you can change to a winter colour.( They can be coloured)
  • We recommend our wefts are coloured by our highly qualified staff at West End Hair
  • Our wefts will last 1 to 2 yrs with appropriate care
  • Clip in custom made
  • Handmade wefts can be mended at West End Hair

New In Stock!

  • Invisible Wefts
  • Flat wefts
  • 360 wig


  • Methods done in Russian Hair
  • Micro horizontal (my favourite)
  • Singles – pre bond and vertical micro bead
  • skin wefts – ( custom orders) for Russian
  • skin wefts available Asian and Indian
  • top volumizers ( for hair loss conditions)

Types of Hair Available for installing

  • 100% Russian hair – origin honest
  • 100% South American hair
  • Remy Indian (temple hair)
  • Remy Asian.

Care for your hair while asleep

West End Hair is offering 100% pure silk pillow cases in white.
Care for you hair whilst you are asleep.
Available for $20


Clip In’s

Clip In’s are so popular right now. Lots of girls who have good hair but want it longer for the night out!

Weddings, Proms, Photo Shoots, Engagements and Christmas Parties

Clip in’s are a great change for someone who wants to change when they want to change, and why not?










$350 for a full set of clip In’s

Hair Extensions & Clip Ins

Our Client had a full head of foils and is wearing OP2 from our Clip In Range.

Included in that, most importantly a great cut and blend and styling.
A free lesson on how to clip them in.

Lets face it we have all seen girls with clip Ins not blended or colour matched and it is not a good result.

How Long will it take for Clip in’s?

45 minutes to 1 Hour

Types of Hair Available for Clip In’s

  • 100% Russian Hair
  • 100% South American
  • Remy Indian
  • Remy Asian

Additional Information for installing Micro Horizontal

How long will it take?
Normally 2 to 3 hrs

When will I need a re-install?
Very fine hair 6 to 8 weeks
Fine 8 to 10 weeks
Medium to thicker 10 to 12 weeks

How much will it cost? (start from)
micro horizontal per layer 4 to 6 inches wide $55
10 to 12 inches wide $110
singles attachment $98 per hour
skin wefts $98 per hour.

Hair Prices
Hair prices vary due to origins, amount used and life span.

Top Volumiser Information

Bookings are essential

How long will it take to install a top volumiser
To apply a top volumiser it will take 45 minutes to 1 Hour and the Price from $155

Removal takes 15 mins (Service Fee) – Price from $10

CONSULTATION is required for an exact quote and viewing of the hair.

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