After their treatments, clients are asked by sms or email to review their service. We’ve got over 200 reviews submitted through My Local Salon.

Please find a handpicked selection of testimonials and photos here below.


Mimi’s Formal
To the AMAZING team at West End Hair,

THANK YOU SOO MUCH for the incredible job you did on my hair and make-up, I’ve never felt prettier!

You will definitely be seeing me soon! xx




I have been getting my hair extensions from Olga for 5 years and it has allowed me to grow my own hair to be long and strong. This is now my natural hair. I only trust Olga to care for it so i keep it in perfect condition.

“I just wanted to write to you to thank you for all you have done for my daughter. Like my hair, my daughter’s started thinning at the crown when she was 16 years old . This has caused a lot of insecurities and low self esteem. After finding West End Hair on the internet we made an appointment for a consultation with you on 23/01/10 and purchased a volumiser. ”

“In November last year I went into your store and Olga supplied me with some clip-in hair extensions which I think were Remy Indian from memory. They have been fantastic so far and have by far been the best hair extensions that I have ever bought. In fact they’ve been so good that I would like to book a trip to Melbourne so just so I can get some permanent hair extensions (micro horizontal, Russian hair I think) and a cut, colour, style and top/fringe volumiser. Thank you. Cheers, Sarah

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to you, Katie and Lexi, as well as the nice red-haired lady and the boy who made my tea. I had a great experience, and I absolutely love my hair! I have been so unhappy with my hair so far this year. When the hairdresser that I had been going to decided to take a stiletto’s worth of length off, I cried that day, and the next two afterwards. Luckily, I don’t have to worry about what I look like anymore, my hair is beautiful. Katie did an amazing job with the cut, and I love the color. Lexi drew me a diagram after she showed me how to place the extensions, and it only took me 10 minutes to get ready this morning. Thanks again to the entire staff; I’m really happy with the time I spent there. XO! Maria

The effect this has had on my daughter has been amazing. She is now happy and confident. She is no longer in tears when getting dressed up to go out after trying to cover her thinning hair. She gets compliments all the time and not one person has noticed the volumiser. Everybody thinks it’s just a new hair cut. We both wish we had found you sooner.” Thanks again – Jackie

“I live in Sydney and after visiting many places here I got in touch with Olga in Melbourne after reading the other testimonials on her website. Believe the pictures! I am really glad I made the effort to fly to Melbourne for the weekend and will no doubt do so again as much as I need to.

I arrived having no idea what to expect. Olga did not ask me for a commitment upfront or any money as many others do. She took the time to show me the clip on and left me to sit and get used to it before I had to decide! I loved it as it looked so natural and I can manage it from Sydney.

Olga even took the time to show me how I could use hair extensions for my upcoming wedding day and even put them in and showed me a style!

3 hours later I left the salon very very happy and was glad I had taken the risk and flown to Melbourne especially. Thanks Olga.” – Manisha

“My daughter was bullied at school for having fine hair especially at the top of her head. It is unknown why she has such fine hair although it is thought it could be due to severe craddle cap as an infant. Olga at West End Hair gave Steph a free consultation and it was decided that she have some hair extensions. They look great and Steph went to school after the school holidays and everyone told her that she looked fantastic. She told them she had hair extensions and they were surprised because it looked so real. Steph has a new lease on life in the teenage world, she is so happy we both reccommend coming to West End Hair as the had such compassion and understanding of her problem. They were fantastic.”