Hair Extensions FAQ’s


Email pictures (in daylight) to westendhair@gmail.com for a top volumizer or extension quotes. Call the salon on 9510 6437 or sms Olga on +61 433 480 181

Hair Extensions

The hallmark of West End Hair is not only the outstanding quality of hair that they use in their extension work, but also the skill involved in performing the exacting process. West End Hair soruces Russian, South American, Indian (temple hair), Asian and all Remy 100% for extensions. These types of hair are the best on the market. It is important to understand that if you wish to wear extensions, the poorer quality hair will not look as natural and it will not last.

While West End Hair are completely qualified and are able to select the best hair to use and know the reasons why to use it. Those that are contemplating hair extensions should be informed of the products available and the process used before making up their minds. Many are not origin honest, labeled european when it is infact Asian. I seriously disagree with this misrepresentation and DO NOT practise this. All our hair is genuine to what we show you and see to you – 100%.

How long does it take?

Full Head: 2 Hours to 3 Hours
3/4 Head: 2 Hours to 3 Hours
1/2 Head: 1 Hour to 2 Hours
1/4 Head: 1 Hour

Removal 20 mins for micro horizontal – Price: $10 per layer charge
Removal of Singles – Price: $95 per Hour

Your were told it was European

If you have had an experience where you have had hair extensions applied or bought and the hair was labelled as being European or told it Russian and found it did not perform as such and in fact turned out to be Indian or Chinese hair. I would like to hear from you.

As a professional who applies and sells serveral origins of hair, for our clients you can look and feel the hair in the salon as not one texture will suit everyone.

Things to look out for:

  • (These are Asian hair and NOT European or Russian)
  • 100% Human hair labelled as European texture
  • 100% Human hair labelled as European feel
  • 100% Remy Italian Wave

The processing on Asian hair makes the quality and lifespan inferior to that of Russian or South American hair. Many of our clients wear premium quality asian hair, if the texture will blend, but we educate our remy clients how it will perform.

What are Cuticles?

Cuticles reflect light off your hair. This gives your hair its shine, luster and volume. Remy menas the cuticles are still there going in one correct direction. This hair is very cheap and it’s life span is short.

The Effects of De-cutilised Hair

The hair is stripped of its outer layer (cuticles) and then bleached and coloured. This process makes the hair harder to manage and it becomes elastic and spongy when wet. The Hair appears very synthetic to look at and to touch. Silicone is added to the hair to disguise all the processing that has taken place. Once the hair has been washed a few times the silicone comes away, leaving the hair dull and dried out, often causing the hair to shed from its weft. West End Hair does not sell nor recommend this type of hair. Beware of hair from China mixed with synthetic – you can burn the ends to test: a synthetic mix will melt.

Asian Remy – 100% Human Hair

It has a longer life span than hair from China. Remi means: the cuticles are intact and all facing down the hair shaft in the correct direction. This hair is of good quality but not in the league of Russian or European hair. Indian Remi hair has also been processed: bleached and coloured; but not stripped of its cuticles. This hair is manageable with instructions from your hairdresser. A very popular hair, the Indian Remi is less expensive, but not as long lasting as Russian, South American or Asian.

100% Genuine Russian

The hair used by models and film stars. The best quality hair available. It is free from processing; blends in with your own hair undetected; texture colour matched and it looks and feels amazing. Wefts are custom made to match your own hair colour. Russian hair can be coloured if you decide to change whilst your extensions are in, you can customise.

What are Hand made Wefts?

A weft is what your hair is attached to and the method in which it is attached. West End Hair’s finest wefts can last up to one year if treated correctly. The weft method will match your colour exactly and ensure perfect blending. A new extension process applied for those with finer hair is a German technique using tubes. This is an effective method, as they will sit flat to the head. How to Order your Wefts: Email: westendhairchapel@hotmail.com with attention for Olga. Instructions will be given on how your hairdresser can measure and colour sample. Or book for a consultation with West End Hair. Swimming, Sports etc. these last 1 to 2 years.

Why Pay More?

Value for money! Quality outshines the rest! Longer life span! Once you try it you will not want to wear anything else!

Thinking of Cutting your Hair?

West End Hair buy hair. Only the finest quality – not coloured, no split ends. Length – no shorter that 16 inches. Email Olga for a quote and for instructions on how to correctly cut your hair without mixing the direction of the cuticles.

If you have hair and want it hand wefted the Price is $110 per layer.

West End Hair has their finger on the pulse; techniques are continually updated and improved, and training and research is ongoing. Treatments and after care products are available, and after the first application, your first treatment and extension check is free of charge. A stylist is always on hand to give you cutting edge ideas, creative advice; and to educate you on how to wear your new hair in up styles.

All extension work is guaranteed at West End Hair, and their staff can cater for any style request, from colour to cut. West End Hair is totally committed to their clients and will keep close contact on your progress to make sure you are happy with, and can care for, your brilliant new style.