Top Pieces


DESCRIPTION:  Sometimes called Toppers, Topetts, Interlace systems, Hair Integration or Strand by Strand. They are all made with a base material, there are several bases and the best is determined by the areas of hair loss to be covered. Also by how the client may want to attach her or his top piece. Also the durability and life span the top can last. The finer the base material the shorter the life span. 2 to 3 hairs are hand knotted into the base material. Density must be natural looking colour and hair origin is important to get the best results.
Here are a few ways they are attached, Micro-T (which is like Medi connect) interlace attaching with the clients natural hair pulled through the lace base and secured in a single extension or Micro-T. Closures worn by African ladies use a weave. Tapes and glues if the front hair line does not grow works quite well. Or they can be clipped on daily with no maintenance required. Attached re-tightening required 6 to 8 times per year. A maintenance visit takes approx. 1 to 1.5hrs, costing $130 to $160.
Olga’s simple system Micro-T works really well. Interlace systems are more suitable for large areas of hair loss and clients with Trichotillomania. I have decided to put some of my easy fit designs to sell online. Some clients with more aggressive hair loss or TRICHOTILLOMANIA will need a consultation and custom made top.
Suitable for clients who experience female pattern hair loss, telegenic effluvium, hormonal and loss of volume or too much scalp showing through the parting. Or simply to grow out a chemical haircut (breakage due to over bleaching)
SMALL R  Good for minimal hair loss gives a fuller fringe, top and sides. Can part any side.
MEDIUM R  Gives fuller fringe, sides, top and crown. Can part any side.
LARGE R  Gives maximum coverage.
BONE PART  Worn down the parting. gives more fringe, crown some sides. Feels slim and comfortable and flat.
LONG U PART  Does the same area as the Bone Part. Slightly different design. Every one has a favourite.
VTOP  Heat resistant synthetic hair is the closest thing to human hair because it is made with natural collagen protein, while human hair is made of keratin protein. For fine limp hair lacking body. Looks like you have had an instant blow dry. The parting is your own. Fusion fibres can be worn through the part if needed. Priced at $220.
VTOP VERSATILE  Human hair. All hand knotted. Easy to clip-in or attach. Small $480 to Large $600. Price varies depending on size, origin of hair, length of hair and base material. Send a daylight photo showing the area of hair loss and the colour of natural hair. Include what you would like to achieve. Olga will give you a quote and advice as there are many options available to you.
All can be worn with lengthening hair extensions. Our own method micro horizontal is recommended for fine hair. Clients who just want more hair are buying the tops. You don’t need to have hair loss to wear a top volumizer.

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